The Porcupine Exterminator (Video)

My previous blog with an image of the exterminator carrying a porcupine on his back got the eyes of many.  The cry of the porcupine shall be heard through such sad stories. By sharing this story, my hope is to spark necessary change.
Two days after I shot the image, I saw the exterminator walking with 6 dogs followed by other young boys. I stopped to say hi and jokingly asked if they were out to look for porcupines. He told me they've got one already and they are here to look for more. They all spread out and got in a tea plantation.
I watched from a distance as events unfold. They scanned under tea bushes and in a few minutes, the dogs barked as they all rush towards the area. The dogs had been diverted by a jackal. I had no idea of the existence of such wild animals in the region. The exterminator sprang in to action as one of the dogs barked from a distance. This time, it was porcupine which was now fighting for dear life. The exterminator got there quick to kill the animal using a sharp stick.
A bag with a dead porcupine
The exterminator in action
Pulling out a dead porcupine
A closeup of the porcupine
The porcupine injured the dog 
He told me he has captured over 10 porcupines in this area only. They all embarked on the search to look for more and it was already enough for me to witness. I drove off knowing that I had something to share with the world. It got me thinking of a possible decline in porcupine population. At this day in age, there are people who still depend of such animals for a meal. The man is clearly experienced in hunting porcupines. He should be put to good use when it comes to taking action to conserve porcupine population.
Watch the short clip from the event